Day 209 – We Save Our Hugs

3 HUGS, 2 children, 1 husband

I am sitting here looking at a blank screen. Just staring. I have thoughts racing around in my head, but nothing that wants to be shared with my computer. I didn’t hug anyone today because I think I have the beginnings of a cold. My head is foggy, my throat hurts and I sneezed just before purchasing my groceries at Lowe’s. Bad enough I already felt guilty just allowing the cashier to touch my groceries after I handled them (but before the sneeze…don’t worry). I just couldn’t subject her to more potential germs by giving her a hug.

I suppose that is where I could start. I mean, that did get me thinking about a theme that keeps coming up during my year. Why isn’t hugging as natural to us living in the United States as it should be? I just finished a book today called Room by Emma Donoghue. (Great book. A read in one sitting kind of book.) There was a line in the book from a grandmother to a grandson that reminded me of this theme. “We just don’t (hug strangers), we save our hugs for people we love.” Why is this believed by so many people? If we are feeling connected with someone and the urge just strikes us, why don’t we feel comfortable acting on that urge? Are germs part of the problem? Or, have we become such believers in media hype that it is easier to expect that strangers are going to harm us in some way than to believe they simply want to love and be loved just like us? When will we get that we are the strangers. Your best friend was once a stranger to you. When did you let them in? I look at some other cultures and know it is possible to believe in the nature of hugging. Believe in the power of touch. How do we create this shift in attitude? Perhaps it can come down to hug awareness. If we are aware then we will talk. If we talk then we will hug. If we hug we can affect someone else. And so on and so on until we become a society of huggers not hand shakers.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


4 thoughts on “Day 209 – We Save Our Hugs

  1. very interesting post…….made me think about my own journey……there is something mystical about what occurs when two humans touch—hug—-an exchange of energy if you will. I myself was probably more like the grandma in the book……”I didn’t hug……probably not even those I loved…
    My kids would complain that I pulled away… was all unintentional…………
    after reading your blog……………I was able to work through some of my space issues with my trusted therapist………………seems it was rooted back to childhood trauma.

    now…well now….I might still feel awkward….but it is becoming more a part of my routine….
    I’m now a hugger….thanks in part to your blog……………….I hope you feel better………

    • Thank you for sharing Pam. It’s comments like yours that keep me energized in knowing that I am on the right path. I am making a difference not only in my life but others as well. {Hugs} to you.

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