Day 210 – I Will Be Armed

8 HUGS, 2 children, 6 adults (1 husband, 1 Walmart employee, 2 staff at The Little Gym, 2 friends at The Little Gym)

When I first started this journey I would sometimes think how great it would be if I got picked up by a show like Ellen. Or, not even. Maybe even just a local news station. Just think of how many people I could reach if that happened. But, I didn’t try. Each time I gained a significant number of new followers (and by significant, I mean 2) I would collapse in to a comfortable routine and not reach out for more. I would tell myself I have enough. I have done enough. It would look arrogant if I promoted myself or it wouldn’t be as meaningful.

These were all just lies I was telling myself because of my fears. I was afraid that I would be found out as as fraud if people really learned about about me. I felt as though I couldn’t even clearly define what I was trying to accomplish. (what?! it’s right there in my Why Hugs? tab….d’oh. *smacks head*) I guess I just couldn’t remember. I was too busy growing in ways that I never expected. I didn’t expect this to become about me, but for awhile it did. I learned so much about myself and have reached a place I never thought possible. My husband loves his “new” wife. My relationship with my kids is deeper. (most days. today was not one.) I feel a connectedness with everyone and everything around me that I never really noticed before.

Now, I am ready. I am ready to allow the world to know about me. I am ready to share my message of love and hope and hug awareness. How? Well, I am still working on that one. The thing is, this time when the potential for a possible opportunity arises I am going to follow the path. I am going to see where it leads, rather than sit in the meadow content to just gaze at my surroundings. And when that path leads me to the awareness I am longing for, I will be armed.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.

PS – I did have great hugs today. Visit my Facebook Fan Page to find out more about those.


2 thoughts on “Day 210 – I Will Be Armed

    • Absolutely. I am still not sure if my faith grew because of the journey, or if the journey has taken the course it has because of my faith. Either way, it’s kinda wonderful.

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