Day 213 – Life Has It’s Ups and Downs

4 HUGS, 2 children, 1 husband, 1 new friend at Kroger

Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes all in the same day. Woke up to a little more of a voice than yesterday. Today was more squeaks and honks rather than croaks. Very sexy. So, I focused this morning on an idea I have to spread hugs even when I am sick or otherwise not able to physically give hugs. That kept me pretty energized throughout the morning. (Not to mention the mountain of chores I tackled! Woo Hoo! Go me.)

This afternoon I had to run a few errands. Here is where the day’s ups and downs really started taking off. At Walmart, from the moment I arrived I encountered the most people I have ever wanted to hug EVER in one store. There was a guy collecting donations for Veterans. The greeter at Walmart offered my sons stickers the minute we walked in the door. The 2 women I ordered my son’s birthday cake from were incredible and even offered the boys free cookies. And how many hugs did I get? None. All because of this darn throat. At times I was thinking I should just go for it. I mean, they probably wouldn’t care or even think about the fact that I might be sick. Probably good that I didn’t. As I was leaving, the gentleman collecting donations shouted out, “Hope that throat starts feeling better for you soon.” Ugh.

Then, I arrived at Kroger.  Once again I encountered incredibly friendly people, cashiers and customer service staff. What is up with that? I began to think life was just teasing me. Until Lisa happened. As I was putting my groceries in the truck I let 4 year old know that he needed to stay in the truck while I returned the cart to the corral. Seconds later I hear a heavenly voice, “I can take your cart for you. I am going that way with my own.” Oh thank you, thank you. We began talking about kids and the different stages in their life. This led us to a discussion on how people are always in such a hurry, which led us to a full on life conversation. And in the middle of it, even hearing how my voice sounded, she put her hand on my shoulder in a gesture that let me know she was feeling connected with me. I was just so grateful that as our conversation was ending I had to ask for a hug. She happily and freely gave me one. I was in tears walking back to the truck. Tears of gratitude that she didn’t mind my honking voice and of joy at the unexpected connection I made in the parking lot of a grocery store.

I realized that life wasn’t teasing me. It was simply encouraging me to take the chance by providing me with opportunity over and over again.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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