Day 220 – Sweet Smelling Memories

8 HUGS, 4 children, 4 adults (1 husband, 1 neighborhood friend, 2 employees at Garner Ministries)

Every so often someone that I hug is wearing a very powerful scent. I find strong scents to be completely overbearing. I often find myself not only skipping the candle/bath shops at the mall, but walking as quickly as possible past them. The smells are just too much for me. That is why I found it surprising when I realized this morning that I relish hugs from those that are wearing powerful scents. Their perfume or cologne will transfer on to my clothes and as I walk away I can still smell them. If the scent is strong enough, I can still smell it up to an hour after the hug. I can’t imagine ever applying so much perfume to myself and if someone told me less than a year ago how much I would appreciate others doing this I would have told them they were crazy. What I like best is the reminder of the love I received from them. Every time I turn quickly or move in just the right way the scent finds its way back up to my nose and directly in to that part of my brain that registers the memory. Instantly a smile wraps my face and I feel caught up in that hug once again. Who knew? Strong scents are like the hug that keeps on giving.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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