Day 221 – Birthday Paaarrrtttyyyy!

19 HUGS, 8 children, 11 adults (1 husband, 8 parents at the birthday party, 3 employees at The Little Gym)

Yes, we love The Little Gym so much that we even have our birthday parties there. But come on…doesn’t this look like fun?

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There were 2 employees there that I had never met before. As I went to give them hugs at the end of the party, they seemed rather surprised by the hugs. It got me to thinking about how often they are shown appreciation for the work that they do. Do other parents find their own ways of thanking them? Or, are they just taken for granted as in, ‘oh, well that’s their job.’ I hope that is not the case. Everyone deserves recognition and appreciation for the services they provide, even if they are compensated for those services. Just as my Dad taught me this through example, I am thrilled to be passing along this life lesson to my children as well.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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