Day 231 – My Hero

12 HUGS, 2 children, 8 adults (1 husband, 1 Mother in law, 1 optometrist at the Eye Care Center of Cary, 1 soldier, 3 friends at The Little Gym, 1 hair stylist at Von Kekel Salon)

I often talk the talk, but I don’t always walk the walk. I mean, I have such respect and admiration for anyone who chooses to defend and protect our country. They are putting their lives on the line for the greater good of their countrymen. Can anyone possibly be less selfish than that? I always think (and occasionally talk) about the huge hugs I would give them if I ever saw them out and about. Not just on Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day, but on any given normal day. Have I done this yet? No. Have I seen any yet? *sheepish* yes. I actually saw one in the parking lot at the airport while picking up my mother in law last Friday. Boy am I actually glad I didn’t hug him. He was thisclose to his family who were in a car directly behind me and I think they may have been pissed if I stole their homecoming away from them.

Today at Panera‘s I saw a servicewoman getting her lunch. I picked up the cap she had dropped and initiated a conversation as I handed it back to her. I knew this was my chance yet I still didn’t take it. I just kept thinking, what if she hasn’t served in a war? What if she is on some simple desk duty? What?! Did I really think these questions to myself? Worse, did I really think that she didn’t deserve my respect, admiration or hugs because she was “just” on desk duty? I don’t know anything about what it means to serve. Regardless of the capacity in which she is serving, she is doing more for our country than I would ever dare to do. I marched right up to her and after asking for the hug, gave her the biggest hug I could muster all while thanking her so much for her service. She blushed and expressed her appreciation for my hug. I pointed to my pin (you know, the I am a hugger pin) and said, “that’s what I do”.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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