Day 242 – A Day In The Life Of Me

3 HUGS, 2 kids, 1 husband

By 2:30pm this is how I felt:

Waving my white flag

I am just not altogether with it today. Just to give you an idea of how bad it is let me share a story. I was at the grocery store all by myself. Read: No kids to distract me. At the check out I handed the cashier $40 cash and told him I wanted to put $40 on my card. (um, my total came to $200) He looked at me and clarified that I wanted $40 on the card. I said yes. I looked at his confused face, looked down at my hand holding the card, looked at his hand holding the cash and said, “oh, I mean $40 cash”. The cashier, noticing the look of clarity on my face, says in jest, “Welcome back”. Ugh. Yeah, it’s one of those days.

I realize this post is much earlier than normal. That is because I see my only options at this point being: 1. crawling back in to bed for the rest of the day and wishing for tomorrow. 2. drinking myself in to tomorrow. 3. pretend like today is already over and accepting no responsibility for my actions the rest of the day. What’s that you say? There is a full moon? Perfect. *sarcasm*

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you. *heartfelt*


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