Day 255 – Making Up For Lost Time

19 HUGS, 4 children, 11 adults (1 husband, 3 Walmart employees, 1 Salvation Army volunteer, 3 employees at The Little Gym, 1 new friend at Wendy’s, 2 neighborhood friends)

After dropping 5 year old off at camp at The Little Gym I headed over to Walmart for a last minute Christmas gift and groceries. As the cashier was ringing up my stuff, she was talking with other employees. She seemed happy enough, but not Christmas happy. Kind of blah, I guess. Just as I was getting ready to leave I turned to her and the employee that remained behind to talk with her and asked for hugs. As I was giving the first hug to the 2nd employee I heard the cashier say in a somber voice, “I could really use a hug today”. I wrapped my arms around her in a great big bear hug. I hope it helped.

That wasn’t the end of my Walmart hugs! On my way out I hugged the security employee at the door and the Salvation Army bell ringer. I was so grateful and moved by my early morning embraces that I didn’t care how silly I looked walking clear across the parking lot from Walmart to The Little Gym with a stroller overloaded with stuff that was probably going to fall out (and did), with high heels and short sleeves in 50 degree weather and a santa hat on my head. Yup, that’s right, that’s the way I roll.

My awesome hugging day didn’t end there. See, I brought the kids to lunch at Wendy‘s because hubby was home with the stomach bug. (yup, got him too.) I was just having fun with the kids and we were minding our own business when the gentleman sitting in the booth behind us taps me on the shoulder and hands me this note from the elderly man he was sitting with. (perhaps it was his father? or even grandfather?)

I got a love note from an elderly man! Ok, so, it’s just a note to Santa, but still. I was told he thought I was Santa because of my hat. I think he was just being cute and silly. The note reads: Dear Santa, please bring me 1, 2, 3 for xmas. And it was signed, Gene declared by Paul Sims. The last part I think was supposed to say Thank you. I turned and asked him what he wanted 3 of. He just shrugged. I told him I gave great hugs and I would love to give him 3 of those. He smiled and said, “I will always take those.” Paul (his son?) just kind of rolled his eyes and laughed it off. I think he was embarrassed. Regardless, I walked over and hugged the sweet, sweet elderly man 3 times. I offered a hug to Paul, but he politely declined. (He doesn’t know what he is missing!) I really got the impression that Paul was out with Gene out of obligation. I was saddened by the way he kept speaking to him in very condescending tones. It got me thinking about the note. What was Gene really thinking? What was the message behind this gesture? I guess I won’t ever find out. I just hope those hugs were more than he bargained for. I loved my love Santa note.

It truly is amazing what life is unfolding for me since beginning this journey. I mean, I can’t imagine anything like this happening to me before this year. Now, anything can happen and I welcome each and every little thing that does.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 255 – Making Up For Lost Time

  1. awesome post… are touching so many people. We had an elderly friend of my mother-in-laws at our Christmas gathering because she had no place to go. She joined right in with the off color antics and when we left I hugged her….she said something about it and I said…oh I’m just a hugger….
    it was the first time I realized how contagious you have been.

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