Day 268 – Hugs Everywhere

11 HUGS, 2 children, 1-8 month old, 4 adults, 4 virtual (1 husband, 1 grade school friend, 2 employees at Aveda)

I am in love with today. After getting some great family hugs, I logged in to my Twitter account. The first thing I see is a request for a hug. (I always love these requests, S. By the way, I am super proud of your strength.) Then, I notice this tweet from another one of my twitter friends: I’m. Cold. Well, I just couldn’t pass up that opportunity. I replied with: {HUG} I hope that warms you up!. Her response? lol. I am good now. Giggle. Some say that we are losing connections by spending so much time online. I think it is just another opportunity to share love. Besides, giggles always make me laugh. It’s just a silly word. This had me cracking up and so, at 9 AM I was already loving the day.

I met my girlfriend at the mall where I got two hugs from Aveda employees. I especially loved the fact that after I hugged the first one, I heard her say to the other one, “You need to hug her. She gives good hugs.” I left them amidst exclamations of how sweet I was. And their smiles, they were at least a mile wide.

The rest of the day was spent with my girlfriend and her beautiful sweet baby. Just look at that face. I think I may have taken about 100 pictures just of her today. She gives snuggly, drooly, squeezie hugs and I just love her.



Then, finally, just when I thought the day was done there was one more hug to be had. In the midst of writing this post I got a call back from a neighborhood friend. We had a quick chat and at the end she gave me a virtual hug over the phone. Once again, I am so in love with today.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.




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