Day 273 – Quick. Like Ninja.

9 HUGS, 2 children, 7 adults (1 husband, 1 owner and 1 employee at The Little Gym, 3 friends at The Little Gym, 1 waitress at Andy’s Burgers)

Today was Ribbon Day at 5 year old’s karate class. I am so incredibly proud of how much he has accomplished. Not just physically, but he has overcome so many fears and really come out of his shell. He used to cling to the teacher while on the balance beam and now, it’s one of his favorite spots to be.







As a treat we went with 2 of his karate friends to Andy’s Burgers where they each got a milkshake. Come on, does it really get any cuter?Now, as you may know, I like to keep my hugs with new friends (strangers) on the down low. Why? Well, I want the person that I am hugging to know it is all about them. It’s about making them feel special. If I have an audience or attention is brought to the hug, then ulterior motives may be suspected. I try to keep the moment between me and that one other person. Turns out I am getting REAL good at this. After I finished paying for my children’s meals, I apologized to the waitress for the mess at the table. (yes, that was necessary and yes, it was all because of my 2 boys) Then, I asked her for a hug. She was young and gave me an embarrassed, “sure.” When I turned back toward my friends, not one of them saw what I did. Just call me the Hug Ninja.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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