Day 277 – Hey, Aren’t You…?

4 HUGS, 2 children, 1 husband, 1 employee at Kohl’s

Today I enjoyed some shopping thanks to my hubby’s new promotion. (Congratulations honey!) I was making a purchase at Kohl’s when the cashier mentioned that she lives on my street. That sounded awfully familiar to me. She then says, “Hey, aren’t you the one who hugged me?” (Day 109, she remembered me from over 5 months ago!) I laughed and said, “Yeah and I’d love another one!” She happily obliged as I overheard whispering (and perhaps snickering?) coming from the customers behind me. That just tells me I am doing something right.

I was feeling so much gratitude and appreciation for all that I have that I was really in a giving mood today. Not just hugs, but anything that might brighten someone’s day. In the checkout line at Target I was behind a couple with a baby less than a year old. The mother asked for a price check on a small Disney puzzle. She declined the puzzle saying maybe next time. Based on other things she said I was left with the impression that money was tight. As they left I asked the cashier to quickly add the puzzle to my purchase. Knowing what I intended to do, she worked as quickly as she could to check me out. I ran outside and tried my hardest to find the family to no avail. It was worth every penny just for the chance to spread kindness to that new family. It just means next time I have to run a little faster.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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