Day 284 – It’s National Hugging Day!

7 HUGS, 2 children, 4 adults, 1 blog hug (1 husband, 2 employees at Jumping Jax, 1 employee at Target)

So, today is National Hugging Day! Woo Hoo! I completely forgot (even though my sister sent me this 3 days ago) until I received the most amazing surprise this morning. Pam at radical ramblings and thoughts of a southern girl not only sent me a virtual hug for today, but surprised me with this amazing, wonderful post. (Trust me, you want to read it.) I was in tears. Oh how I just want to squeeze her!!!

That got me completely motivated for my day of hugs. I had already planned a day with my oldest. Just him and I sharing some special time together. We decided to go to Jumping Jax (a bounce house play area). Not only did I go completely out of my comfort zone and spend an hour on the really high play structure (no, I am not proud that I made him go before me on a part I was particularly frightened of. I am such a wuss), but I also made sure to hug two of the awesome employees there. I informed them that it was National Hugging Day and they proceeded to hug each other. I loved it! I hope that I influenced them to keep going the rest of the day. Hmm…maybe I need to let people know it’s National Hugging Day every day?

I then proceeded to Target where I hugged the unsuspecting cashier. He totally didn’t know what to make of me. But, who can resist a National Hugging Day hug? He couldn’t.

Now if you will excuse me I have a date with hubby. Yeah! So, to all of you out there reading today, here is a {GREAT BIG VIRTUAL HUG}. Enjoy the rest of your day and happy hugging!!


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