Day 292 – What’s Your Story?

6 HUGS, 3 children, 3 adults (1 husband, 2 out of state friends)

So, what’s your story? No, not the one you share with the world. You know, the one reserved for only you and possibly a select few others. The one you are reluctant to share because it makes you feel painfully different. A difference that often translates in to a feeling of inferiority. This all consuming feeling can cause you to want to lash out and criticize others because you have forgotten you are not the only one with a story.

That calm peaceful mom down the road that bakes bread every day and has craft time with her kids every afternoon? She has a story.

That beautiful couple who are so in love it’s painfully obvious to the world? They have a story.

The friend that you have seen every week for the past two years that doesn’t seem fazed by anything? She has a story.

The coworker who is always punctual, always well dressed, never seems stressed by the duties at work? He has a story.

That happy go lucky guy who spends his day golfing and working out because he was wealthy enough to retire early? He has a story.

The next time you find yourself face to face with the “enemy” ask yourself, “What is their story?” Complete this thought by asking yourself, “What is my story when I am with them?” The answer to this will bring you a feeling of comaraderie with others and the knowledge that you are perfectly different.

So, what is my story you ask? Wow. No beating around the bush with you, huh? Since you asked, I will let you know that I am not willing to share. It’s painful and complex. It involves more than one headline and believe it or not, I feel blessed to be playing the lead. After all, without it I would not be sitting here writing to you about the beautiful joys of hugging for the last 292 days. I am perfectly different.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


4 thoughts on “Day 292 – What’s Your Story?

  1. Wow. Great entry. This is an extremely powerful and inciteful theme. I will definitely be thinking about this te next time I have an interaction with someone.

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