Day 296 – Through A Child’s Eyes

7 HUGS, 3 children, 4 adults (1 husband, 1 new friend, 1 neighborhood friend, 1 Zumba instructor)

All I can say is today was FUN! I spent it viewing everything as a child. Even acting like one at times. I mean, come on, how much fun does this look: popsicle colored tongues!





Even Sadie got in to it (without the popsicle coloring)







After popsicles we cuddled and watched Over The Hedge. Everything is so much simpler and enjoyable when viewing the world through a child’s eyes. Even when I was delayed to Zumba, I couldn’t help but appreciate that it was a train that slowed me down.

This was the caboose!

So, in keeping with the theme of the day I chose to do Zumba barefoot. I wasn’t sure if there were rules about shoes or not, but I wanted to be barefoot. I noticed the instructor looking at my feet at the beginning of the class and thought, oh boy. I am totally getting in trouble. Instead about 3 songs in to Zumba I got the jingly belt! (I am sure it has a proper name, but it’s the belt that belly dancers wear, you know…) The instructor loved my barefeet and thought the belt would be a great touch. Yipee!! That was the most fun I have had yet at Zumba! Children are really on to something. Fun is well, FUN!

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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