Day 298 – Chain Of Kindness

3 HUGS, 2 children, 1 husband

Recently I posted a great video on my facebook page about the chain of kindness and how one act sparks another act and so on. So, inspired by Kindness Girl, I created these Hug Hearts in honor of Valentine’s Day. My intention was to leave them in random places for people to find.

I began sharing these hugs today. The first one I left in a locker at the new gym hubby and I have joined. (Ahh! We’ve joined a gym!) The second one I doled out in person. I never planned on that, but just hear me out.

While celebrating our new gym membership at Panera’s for lunch, I witnessed an extra special act of kindness. An elderly woman sat at a nearby table. I noticed a young girl about 13 or 14 years old walk over to the elderly woman to offer up her deliciously large chocolate chip cookie. The elderly woman attempted to pay her for the cookie to no avail. The girl simply wanted to give her the cookie that she wasn’t going to eat anyway. The look on the elderly woman’s face was priceless. It was the look of a woman that after losing faith in the human race realizes she may have been wrong. I wanted to cry. Instead, I walked over to this young girl and offered her one of my Hug Hearts. I thanked her and her mom for her special kind act and left Panera feeling very uplifted and hopeful.

Hubby and I discussed this in the car and I told him I felt like that video. The girls kind act sparked my act and so on. To which hubby replied, but you don’t know what happened after you. I reminded him that that is not something I may ever be privy to, it’s just enough to know what may be. Little did I know what was coming.

This evening hubby so graciously drove out to the grocery store to buy me ice cream. (yes, more gym celebration. Man, we are really going to need that gym…) On the way out he witnessed a car accident. Rather than simply drive around like everyone else around him, he remained behind to check on the drivers of both vehicles to make sure they were ok and if they wanted him to call 911. They were fortunately both ok and he made his way home to recap the story. He focused on how appalled he was at the number of people who simply went on their way. I focused on the kindness that he showed to others. Perhaps some days we are privy to the kindness we spark.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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