Day 300 – How It Goes

5 HUGS, 2 children, 3 adults (1 husband, 2 child care employees at O2 Fitness)

I am not sure I have ever shared what goes through my mind during a typical day during My Year Of Hugs. But, I thought it was about time I did. Here’s how today went:

Woke up to “Mom, Ma, Maaaaaaa (with a screech at the end there)” at 6:50am. Breakfast and the all important coffee ensues. We like to keep our mornings very mellow around here, so about 9:15 I decided it was time to start our day. As we were all getting dressed I started thinking about where my hugs would come from today. Initially I was super tired and thought today would be a stay at home day. Then I read this from Marc and Angel Hack Life and I was totally inspired. (Warning: Don’t read unless you have a box of tissues handy.) So, with gym membership card in hand we made it out the door.

Upon arriving at O2 Fitness club I started thinking again about my hugs. My thoughts went like this: “I should probably hug someone before working up a sweat. Would that be weird? I have never been to this gym before or met these people. Oh, hey, I know her. Would it be weird to randomly ask her for a hug. Probably.” And so I walked on past and delivered my children to the saintly employees in the child care room. I then proceeded to work out. Not much thinking went on there except, “holy crap, I thought I was in better shape than this.”

As I was finishing my workout I noticed one of the child care employees walking toward me. Oh no. What did one of my angelic children do?! Apparently he pooped. And they don’t change diapers. I walked with the employee back to the now hazardous environment and quickly remedied the situation. My next thoughts were, “Ok, these women have put up with enough. They deserve some hugs today.” So, I made my way over to both of them swearing I only had a little sweat as I asked them for hugs. They were not bothered by my condition and happily hugged me. I left the gym with this thought, “Wow does that feel good. I am so glad I hugged them and I am so glad I decided to leave the house today. I was meant to do that.”

It wasn’t long after that I realized I had my blog post for the day. (Hence the reason I am posting it so early.) *pause in thought* I was just about to post how unbelievable it feels to only have 65 more days to go when a big smile crossed my face. I chose a leap year! I have 66 more days. Hee Hee I know it’s only one extra day, but that makes me giddy.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


3 thoughts on “Day 300 – How It Goes

  1. I should seriously hug more people. Especially those I’m not too fond of. Mama always said the best way to get rid of your enemy is to make them your friend. I do give and receive a lot of hugs in a day, but by the same people. I just might have to remedy that and go hunt down a couple of people I’m not too happy with at the moment. Boy won’t they be surprised when I ask them for a hug lol. Big virtual hugs to you.

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