Day 301 – Strengthening Hugs

2 unexpected hugs from last night, 12 HUGS, 2 children, 10 adults (1 husband, 1 pediatrician, 1 pediatric nurse, 4 The Little Gym friends, 3 neighborhood friends)

So funny how everything happens for a reason. Turns out I needed to write my blog early yesterday. We had a scare with our new dog right before I would normally write my blog. Hubby and I made our way to the emergency vet to make sure she was ok. (She is completely healthy, she is probably still adjusting to her new food and possibly chewing on too many toys.) I am not sure I would have had the energy to write the blog after getting home. But, while there I did get a few more hugs that I feel compelled to write about.

Looking around the emergency room there was so much sadness. I don’t know if it is because our pets can’t communicate with us so we don’t know how best to help them or if it’s the knowledge that their lives are just so much shorter than ours. Regardless, I felt more sadness there than I ever have while sitting in a human emergency room. All I kept thinking was how I just wanted to hug everyone in there. Some people though just like their privacy during difficult times and I completely respect that. I made myself as open to others as possible, making eye contact and smiling warmly. These are just small gestures that help others open up around you no matter where you are.

A young couple entered with their dog who was seizing. She had been diagnosed with a brain tumor that week and just started radiation. When they saw Abby, they fawned over her, so I let them. I knew it was probably therapeutic for them. We talked about their dog and about mine. We established a comraderie as dog owners. They had a brave face in the midst of a very difficult time. As hubby and I were preparing to leave with Abby’s clean bill of health I brought her over to give them love then hugged them both wishing them all the best for their 4 legged child. Wouldn’t it be grand if there was a hug patrol at all hospitals, animal and human alike? Just someone to be there to lean on when life is at it’s bleakest. Someone who without words says, “I am here. Pour all that angst in to me for when you stand again my strength will be with you.”

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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