Day 303 – For Real?

9 HUGS, 3 children, 5 adults (1 husband, 2 neighborhood friends, 1 employee at PetSmart, 1 Zumba instructor)

Today it dawned on me that I could have been making up these hug scenarios and you would have been none the wiser. I could have been saying, “yeah, I hugged that cashier at PetSmart” when really I happened to be there and it would have sounded good to have hugged her. Huh. Any of you thought that? (I know, I know, it never crossed your mind. That’s why I love you.)

Not only would I never “fake” a hug, I can’t even imagine what the past 303 days would have been like without the thousands (yes, THOUSANDS!) of hugs that I have gotten. I did hug the cashier at PetSmart. She was super sweet and had 23 month old laughing because she kept scanning his hand. It was so adorable. Of course I just had to hug her.

Then, the Zumba instructor? She is whooping my butt in to shape. She deserves that sweaty hug that she gets at the end of class. And you know what? I think she even likes it. So, I might be getting a little sappy now that I am nearing the end of my year (oh man, it’s only going to get worse from here…) but, while it has been important to share these hugs with you, they were all mine to have. I wouldn’t trade that for the world, nor will I stop when this journey is over.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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