Day 306 – Path To Greatness

19 HUGS, 2 children, 17 adults (1 husband, 16 UCT friends)

What a great sermon in church today. It really made me think about what the dialogue in my head is. I have a tendency to think about how great life WILL be forgetting how great life IS. I strive to become the person that I want to be, forgetting that I already am. I think well, after the kids are grown I can figure out what I want to do or someday it will hit me and I will be on the path to greatness. I often wonder what I am good enough at that I can work on becoming great at. Every time I think this my thoughts bring me back to just one, love. I am good at love. No, I am great at love. I want to share this gift with the world.

Oh, big surprise, I already do. What have I been waiting on? What was I really looking to hear/learn/know? Love makes me a great mother. It makes me a great wife, friend, even acquaintance. No matter where life takes me I will always have it. This is what I am good at. I realize it when I am walking around a grocery store for the second time this weekend looking at all the faces smiling back at me and once again having many of them feel such warmth that they are compelled to say hi to me. This is such a high for me and I was so giddy with excitement that my hubby asked after I returned to the car, “What happened in there? Did you hug someone?” Surprisingly no, but I loved everyone in there and I think they knew it.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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