Day 310 – Oh So Much To Share

9 HUGS, 3 children, 6 adults (1 husband, 1 new friend, 2 neighborhood friends, 1 Walmart cashier, 1 Zumba instructor)

Today was one of those days where everywhere I turned I found myself saying, “Oh, I have to remember that for my blog.” So much amazing stuff happened all around me.

At Walmart the cashier seemed rather agitated with the customer in front of her. So, when I asked her for a hug I was surprised to see the smile and hear her utter the words, “God bless you.” Oh how that always warms my heart. I mean who couldn’t use a blessing on a regular basis? Love.

Then, I got to spend the day spreading love notes! It was the Kindness Girl’s Guerrilla Goodness Challenge for yesterday. (I am a day behind because I don’t get on the computer until night.) Her blog always inspires me. If you are not following her yet I highly recommend it! Anyway, back to my love notes, I left these 5 love notes around town today. I left one at the gas station and the other 4 around Target. 5 year old asked if we could hide and watch people get their love notes. Awww. He’s caught the love bug. Love.

Leaving Target a woman saw me getting ready to run to my car with the boys in the cart. It was raining pretty heavily and I didn’t have an umbrella. (I really gotta get me one of those.) With no thought to her own well being she graciously offered me hers. She had just purchased it and let me know she had another one in the car. So, rather than use the umbrella she just bought (probably because she left her other in the car) she selflessly offered it to me. Oh my goodness. What a kind beautiful soul. Love.

I was attempting to rush out the door to Zumba when hubby came over to say goodbye to me. I squirmed and let him know I had to go. Do you want to know what he said? Good, I am going to tell you. “But, I  haven’t gotten a good hug from you yet today and just wanted one before you go.” Of course, this sweet sentiment was quickly followed up with, “Ha I got you. You have to give me one because of your blog. I have FOUND your achilles heel.” Oh honey. Love.

Finally (She asked me not to share, but I HAVE to. It’s just too sweet.) a friend let me know that the secretary at the elementary school confessed she has not received flowers in 17 years. She had asked her husband not to waste his money when he used to buy them every Friday for her. So, he never bought them again. So my friend took it upon herself to make 2 flower arrangements today. One for her and one that she delivered to the secretary at the school. Love.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


4 thoughts on “Day 310 – Oh So Much To Share

    I’m not so much doing this yet, but I have a new employee improvement group going on in my area—they call themselves SASSY—and they are trying to filter positive into the workplace by modeling it and by placing something called Sassy Sprinkles—notes like this left without others knowing—that compliment a job well done. i stole the idea from you and kindness girl…..
    Have a great day…………………..hugs.

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