Day 312 – I Will Not Be Bitter

16 HUGS, 3 children, 13 adults (1 husband, 1 friend at coffee shop, 10 friends at a birthday party, 1 employee at Jumpin Jax)

When I first started this journey I knew there was potential for certain risks, yet the benefits overwhelmingly outweighed any risk I would be taking. I had yet to encounter any of these risks until today.

I met a friend for coffee. I was intrigued by some of the life stories he had already shared and I wanted to hear more. I thought about what a great story it would make for my blog, another friend made during this year. Needless to say I was cursing my naivety by the time our conversation ended. He shared a few things that were completely inappropriate. I realized his motives were less than honorable. I left crying tears of hurt and anger. I couldn’t believe I allowed myself to be misled. It took conversations with my hubby and Mom as well as a few hours of deep thought to make me realize that I did nothing wrong. It took time for me to remember that when I started this journey I knew it would be possible that some people would misunderstand or take advantage of my kindness. In reality I am pleasantly surprised that it took this long.

I am still hurt and angry, but I will grow from this.  As hurtful as it was I will not allow it to make me bitter. I will use it to become stronger. I will continue to spread kindness. I will continue to make the world a better place one hug at a time.

Thankfully I got a great boost in the middle of the day. 5 year old was at a birthday party at Jumpin Jax. The employee working the party is one of the ones that was working on International Hug Day. She immediately recognized me and I made my way over for a hug. She exclaimed, “But it’s not even Hug Day.” I told her briefly about my blog. She then shared with me that she went around hugging everyone that she could the last time I was there. *I melt* Then, as if that wasn’t enough, at the end of the party she exclaimed, “I love when you are here. You really make my day.” Ok, so I am going to cry again only this time they will be happy tears.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 312 – I Will Not Be Bitter

  1. That’s exactly the reason why I don’t hug here in Bahrain! The men here are horrible and will always take it in the wrong way. (The women are too snobbish) Even I’m surprised that after so long you got that kind of reaction! But it’s great that you’re not bitter! I hope you get many more reasons to cry tears of joy. {{HHUUUUGG}}

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