Day 314 – Today I Appreciate…

7 HUGS, 4 children, 3 adults (1 husband, 1 neighborhood friend, 1 day care worker at O2 Fitness)

Since Friday our car went in to the shop for a new clutch (ouch.), 23 month old snapped my eyeglasses and I dropped my iPad for the final time (it’s a goner). *deep breath* Ok, so here are the things that I am appreciative of:

The internet for new recipe ideas. Cauliflower pizza crust. Who woulda thought?

Unsolicited kid hugs and kisses.

Clean sheets.

Wipeout. Because it is the funniest show EVER.

My new 75 pound dog climbing in to my lap because she thinks she is a lap dog.

Contacts. I don’t care what anyone says, frames interfere with my vision!

Hubby making me laugh while coming up with cute ideas for me to write my blog about tonight, such as “I hug therefore I am” “How hugging gets a couple past the 7 year itch” (was he trying to say something with that one?) “What has 2 thumbs and loves hugs? The mom down the street because I had a bad day.” (smart a**) “All you need are hugs” (he feels John Lennon was misquoted). Very silly.

Knowing that as of tomorrow I may not have a new iPad, but I will have a car with a brand new clutch and another excuse to only be able to wear my contacts.

I could keep going, but another thing I am appreciative of is evenings spent cuddling with hubby. So…perhaps you can help finish the list for me. What are you appreciate of today?

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



4 thoughts on “Day 314 – Today I Appreciate…

  1. I am with you on Wipeout, but my wife says it is too stupid and won’t watch it.

    Funny you bring up the “seven year itch”. We had planned on going on a cruise to celebrate our 10th anniversary. At seven years we had just had our second child and things were a bit of a struggle. We spontaneously decided to go on a cruise to celebrate our 7th, because we were not sure we would make it to 10. We have now been married for 32 years, and always celebrate on “off years” in memory of that cruise.

    Keep up the positive attitude!!


  2. I appreciate your blog! Thank you for the reminder that even in the day to day shuffle and business of life; there is a LIFE to be LIVED and we need to take more time to be a part of it!

    Your blog is inspirational, warm and endearing. Thank for my daily virtual hug 🙂

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