Day 320 – Magical Movie Endings

2 HUGS, 2 children

Yeah, I haven’t even hugged hubby or mother in law yet today. I have been busy holding and caring for 2 year old. He’s been sick (again). I am DONE with illness for this year already. And, it’s not even March. Ugh. On the bright side it was a movie day.

I have so much to learn from my children. No, I am learning so much from my children. How to live life, enjoy life and live in the moment. And, these lessons come at the simplest of moments, like while watching a movie. There is nothing I love more than watching their reactions at the end of a movie. These are kids movies so they always have happy endings. So, when the lesson is learned and the hero wins my kids visibly shake with excitement. I know how they feel. That’s the way I feel inside, you know, when the hero wins or especially when the girl gets the guy (I am such a romantic). My kids allow themselves to enjoy these moments so much that it shows on the outside as well. My 2 year old goes so far as to gallop around the room in excitement when Danny wins the tournament on Karate Kid. I want to watch movies this way. I want to live life this way. Thank you kids for teaching me how to live.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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