Day 324 – Don’t Want To Admit It

4 HUGS, 2 children, 2 adults (1 husband, 1 neighborhood friend)

I haven’t wanted to admit it but my family has been sick AGAIN for over a WEEK! GAH! I think we are dealing with the last of it (I hope). 5 year old still has a fever, but he is the only one still sick. I have been cooped up in my house now for far too long. And, just when I am ready to pull my hair out, little moments happen. Whether it is 5 year old telling me, “Even when you’re cranky mommy, I still love you.” or watching 2 year old pretend to catch a football while being “tackled” and falling on a small felt football field. Or, getting an amazing email each time I opened my computer, or a heartfelt conversation with a neighborhood friend. These little moments rescued me.

I received 2 emails today of people willing to help me create the greatest fundraiser for Harper. My heart soared reading each one. I will certainly fill you in on all the details as I get them.

Then, I spoke with a neighborhood friend this evening. She recently sent me an email letting me know that I hug people in more ways than with my arms. She continued this thought during our conversation. There are so many ways we can “hug” someone. I mean, all it is is just letting them know how much we care. Whether it is writing a blog sharing hug experiences, smiling at everyone in an airport that has a unfriendly reputation, holding a fundraiser, sending an email just saying hello or even holding open the door for the person behind you. These are all caring actions, a way of hugging without arms.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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