Day 326 – Making Up For Lost Time

7 HUGS, 2 children, 5 adults (1 husband, 1 host at Tom Yum Thai restaurant, 2 employees at Electric Beanz Coffee Bar, 1 employee at A Plus Nail Salon)

Today I got an afternoon to myself. Hubby had fun with the kids leaving me with no obligations. Ahhhh!!! I didn’t even know what to do. Have you ever just driven with no destination in mind? It was really kind of fun. I knew I would know where to stop once I got there. This was close to 1pm and I was getting hungry, so I figured it would be a restaurant. Then I saw it. It was like a beacon to me. Tom Yum Thai. I am obsessed with Asian food, so I made my way into the restaurant by myself.

The host was so sweet. We struck up small conversations. I learned that he doesn’t have kids, but 3 pomeranian dogs. He learned that I was out and about without the kids to which he replied, “Ah, well, take your time, please!” It was peaceful, delicious, relaxing. Everything I needed after the ILLNESS week (cue dread music, you know, dun dun dunnnnn) I think I surprised him with my hug, but he encouraged me to return again. Oh believe me, I will.

My next stop was at Barnes and Noble. I didn’t purchase anything or connect with anyone, I just really love books and spent a good hour looking at the different sections and touching the books. If you are a book lover, you know what I am saying.

Then I relaxed some more while drinking tea at Electric Beanz where I learned that one of the employees just moved here from Korea. I gave him a welcoming hug. The other employee decided to return to school after  quitting a stressful job. I gave her a best wishes hug.

Finally I made my way over to A Plus Nail Salon where I was in desperate need of facial grooming. (Ewww…I thought that would sound better than waxing, but I think it made it worse.) I didn’t think my regular aesthetician was there, but I saw her at the last minute and gave her a big hello hug.

So there you have it. I began to make up for the week I was mostly home bound. Ahhh…that feels so much better.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



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