Day 341 – Be Present

17 HUGS, 2 children, 15 adults (1 husband, 14 church friends)

Be present. Feel the moment. What is meant to be will be. This is the mantra I often repeat to myself before writing my post at night. Most of the time the idea for the post comes to me during the day and I repeat this mantra as more of a reminder to just let the words flow. Other times like tonight I say it almost in prayer to allow the post to come to me.

I have learned that just being present in the moment life will always take care of me. The words will always come, the answers to life’s problems will come, new opportunities will come. It’s when I stop being present and attempt to take my life in the direction I think it should go that I run in to difficulties. All of a sudden it is harder to write, parent, even think. I get so frustrated that I force myself in to a pseudo meditation which of course doesn’t work because it is forced. In actively attempting to free myself from my thoughts I create more thoughts which in turn creates more chaos (did I lose you on that one?).

I have been given many gifts this year. One of which was a lesson in being present. If life feels too chaotic and I find myself asking, “why is this so hard?” I know it is time to take a moment and appreciate my surroundings. I let go of the thoughts that are holding me captive and like a child I divert my mind’s attention. “Oh, look at the sky. Aren’t those clouds beautiful?” (no seriously, it really works.) By releasing the confining thoughts I make room for life to take care of me the way it wants to. The way it always will. Suddenly the words come, the answers come and new opportunities present themselves. And yet, no matter how many times I experience just how easy life can be when I allow it to be I am in awe every time.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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