Day 342 – Weighing The Day

10 HUGS, 4 children, 6 adults (1 husband, 3 neighborhood friends, 1 child care worker at O2 Fitness, 1 mail carrier)

I’m trying. REALLY HARD. To find the positives in today. I really am. I know they were there I just…well, perhaps you should see for yourself.

1. Woke up. No really, I shouldn’t have.

2. Begrudgingly admitted that yes, I am having my first Multiple Sclerosis attack in 10 years.

3. Walked out the door on the way to the gym to find 5 year old’s car seat was in hubby’s car. On the way to his work.

4. After borrowing a car seat from a neighbor, showed up to the gym only to slip on the wet bathroom floor (with no sign) land on my shoulder and hit my head on the bathroom stall.

5. Arrived at Whole Foods with dark clouds gathering but no rain until…I pulled in to my parking space. *cue downpour*

6. Stayed a whole hour at WF just to have to brave the rain once again with 2 kids and of course it stopped when we were 5 minutes down the road.

All of this happened by 11am. Fatigue hit about 3pm so did the crankiness. I yelled at the boys more than I loved on them (enter guilt). Hubby came home late and we ended the night with a feverish 5 year old. (COME ON! No More Sickness!) So, now that that is out of the way let me share my gratitude. Simply because I refuse to go to bed defeated and that is exactly how I feel right now.

1. I thought ahead and prepped dinner this morning in the crockpot. No need to cook this evening.

2. My MS attack is simply an annoyance of numbness and tingling in my feet and legs. It will not hinder me from anything including (most importantly) hugs.

3. My neighbor brought me flowers knowing the morning I had.

4. I happen to love thunderstorms and there were some good booms during that storm.

5. Got to sing “The Sun Will Come Out” from Annie to 5 year old for the first time.

6. Watching my boys lovingly play with each other always brings me joy.

7. Got to meet my new mail carrier and gave her a welcome hug.

8. Hubby lovingly cared for the kids the rest of the night to give me a break.

9. After seeing the toll today took on me and after I refused all other attempts at making me feel better hubby asked, “Can I at least give you a hug?” *cue melting*

10. I am surrounded by amazing, caring people every day in my friends, family, even strangers.

11. I was easily able to come up with more positives than negatives.

“The sun’ll come out tomorrow/Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow/There’ll be sun”

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



5 thoughts on “Day 342 – Weighing The Day

  1. My day sounds very similar to yours. Thanks for the reminder to make a list of the positives. I have another one to add:

    12. Still brought joy and perspective to countless people today.

    Thanks again Melinda!

  2. Thanks Melinda for the window on your human experience 😉 May all our eyes be opened to see the full amount of love that surrounds us, and be grateful to our unappreciated/unwanted teachers.

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