Day 350 – It’s The Little Things

7 HUGS, 2 children, 5 adults (1 husband, 3 friends at The Little Gym, 1 grade school friend)

It often amazes me how the littlest things can make such a big impact on me. 3 things really made me stop and just appreciate life today.

The first was learning that although 5 year old was sick last week and couldn’t make it to karate class, my friends there all honored my hugs by hugging each other. I love knowing that I sparked a torrent of hugs. (at least that’s the way I’ve pictured it in my mind)

The second was talking with a customer service representative on the phone. No, no, you heard me right. I appreciated my customer service rep. She was not only incredibly polite and helpful, she had an obvious grin from ear to ear as she was talking to me. I had no choice but to reciprocate. I loved that.

Finally, we decided to go out to eat this evening. The boys and I made it to the restaurant before hubby and when we got to the door I shouted to 5 year old, “Open the door for me, please.” Next thing I knew this young 16 or 17 year with no hesitation started making her way for the door. With a huge smile on my face I exclaimed, “oh no, I meant my son.” She looked up, laughed a little and said, “oh, I thought you were talking to me.” Oh my goodness. Someone is raising that young lady right. Regardless of who was asking, she knew the polite thing to do was to help out another human being. I wanted to give her the biggest squeeze right then and there, but well, 5 year old was struggling to keep the door open for me. I couldn’t make him wait. I hope some great karma comes that girl’s way.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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