Day 351 – Slow Down You Move Too Fast

9 HUGS, 3 children,  6 adults (1 husband, 1 mother in law, 1 neighborhood friend, 1 UPS delivery friend, 2 employees at Jersey Mike‘s)

Mom in law just arrived, American Idol is on, I was having so much trouble concentrating I’ve had to go in another room! Ahhh…better.

It’s amazing how strange it feels to shop somewhere and not give hugs now. I went grocery shopping this morning and 3 people helped bag my groceries. They were all so friendly and I wanted to hug each one of them, but I think there were so many because the line was really backing up behind me. The woman in line next was practically on top of me urging me out the door. I didn’t want to hold up the line anymore and I walked away really regretting that decision. I mean, who knows, perhaps if the people behind me saw my hugs they would have taken an extra second to appreciate their day and slow down a little. Don’t we all need that sometimes?

For those of you who live near a Jersey Mike’s subs, not only are they delicious, but the company is very committed to helping local charities. They even offered 3 regular subs today for a donation of $2 that was going to a local charity of their choice. I love them for that. And, yes, my dinner consisted of a Jersey Mike‘s sub. Yum!

Finally, another update on the Hugs for Harper fundraiser. As many of you know, I received a pdf of the cards I want to use at the fundraiser which were created by 45 Wall Design in California. I loved her designs, went out on a limb and asked if she would design my cards for me and she said YES! Now, I have just learned today that my very good friends at Bulldog Express mail store will be printing them for me as their donation to the fundraiser. Wow. No words can express the amount of gratitude I feel for everyone who is so willing to help me help this beautiful girl and her family.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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