Day 354 – Hubby’s Birthday

2 HUGS, 1 husband, 1 waitress at The Remedy Diner, NO Children!!! I am in withdrawal (kinda)

Since last night hubby and I have been on vacation for his birthday! Woo Hoo! Mom in law is watching the kids while we stay in…wait for it…Raleigh! Yup that’s right, we are vacationing in our own town. We thought it would be kinda fun to actually see the city from a side we don’t normally see. (especially without kids) We stayed out until all hours of the night last night (11:30pm) and partied like rock stars (or at least responsible adults with no kids).

Today we slept in (until 7:30am) and have since pined away for the kids. No, I am really not kidding we have spent a lot of time talking about them and missing them. But, in the midst of all that we have had a lot of fun. We ate at a little hidden gem with fantastic natural and vegan food. Then, because it was raining we went to the movies to see Hunger Games (great movie). Now, we are relaxing with drinks in hand prepared for another late night (perhaps 10:30?) Whew. Not sure how I am going to handle another crazy night but someone’s gotta do it, right?

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



4 thoughts on “Day 354 – Hubby’s Birthday

  1. Funny read. LOved it. Have fun, live on the dangerous and crazy side and stay out until midnight,. 🙂 Happy B-day weekend to Husband!!

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