Day 362 – You Are Amazing

5 HUGS, 2 children, 3 adults (1 husband, 1 mom in law, 1 new neighborhood friend)

Believe it or not I am not comfortable being the center of attention. I know, I know it’s very hard to believe, but it’s true. Yesterday hubby and a neighborhood friend pushed me to get those last few hugs to reach 100. I became timid as I often do when the focus is on me. I kept telling them (and myself) it wasn’t about me getting the hugs, it was about the money I was raising for Harper. A few times throughout the day I heard people tell me how amazing I was for holding the fundraiser. I found myself saying, “It wasn’t really me, it was so easy everything just kind of fell in to place.” And in the past when people would tell me how amazing I was for doing this hug journey I would say, “It’s just hugging.” I have a hard time accepting responsibility for these great things.

See, it has nothing to do with me. The hugs were to make others feel special, this blog was to bring joy and spread kindness to you, the fundraiser was for Harper. Only it does have to do with me. By brightening the light in others lives I brighten the light in my own. By showing others how great they are, others see how great I am. Turns out I am pretty special. We each have our own special light to shine. I think we just don’t realize it because it comes too easy. But, it’s when it comes easy and brings us a special joy that we should take a step back and realize, “this is my gift”. Still having a hard time recognizing your gift? Listen to the compliments around you. Others may recognize it before you do.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “Day 362 – You Are Amazing

  1. No. It isn’t about you, but it’s because of you that it happens, and a hug is never “just a hug”. It’s a means of connecting with someone, altering someone’s day, or making it better, or giving them the physical contact they needed but didn’t know it, or even better…giving them pause if only for a moment. I’ve been thinking of you as you reach the end of your year long hugging quest. I will never forget those last few days..relish them, savour them, remember each hug. and amazing things have already happened…you are doing a good thing. just remember that. i am thrilled to “know” you. xo

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