Day 363 – Good Things on WRAL

23 HUGS, 2 children, 16 adults (1 husband, 1 mom in law, 1 news anchor for WRAL, 1 cameraman for WRAL, 1 employee at Electric Beanz, 2 new friends at Electric Beanz, 2 friends at A+ Nail Salon, 3 friends at MDP&A Accountants, 1 employee at Whole Foods, 3 neighborhood friends)

Ok, yeah, I am pretty excited about being on tv. Bill Leslie and Joe were amazing to work with and I had a lot of fun. But, one of the more memorable moments of today came just before they showed up. I arrived at Electric Beanz early to make sure it would be ok that we had the shoot there. There was a friendly woman standing behind me in line that became curious over why a camera crew would be there. I explained my hug journey and the fact that WRAL has a new segment called Good Things that I would be featured on. She then got very excited and proceeded to tell me about the time she got this great hug. The woman hugging her held on tight and didn’t let go. In her own words, “It just felt real nice.” She told me she thought this other hugger and I should be in touch with each other as she also had a blog about Africa and some of her travels there. We made our way over to an empty table and continued our conversation. She explained that she had thought about writing a blog herself for some time but couldn’t quite put her finger on what she wanted to write about. I encouraged her to pray about it and she would find her answer. We just really connected and it was exactly what I needed to put things in to perspective. We exchanged email information and by the time she left I felt much calmer (although still a little jittery) about my shoot.

If everything goes as planned I will be on the air this Wednesday the 11th at about 6:25AM. I should be getting a link to it and when I do I will share that will you all. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am at being able to get my message out to so many people. Kindness can rule the world. You will see.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



9 thoughts on “Day 363 – Good Things on WRAL

  1. Hi. Thanks for coming in today to Electricbeanz coffee shop. I also thank you for sharing in public for us! You are great!!! 😀 ( by the way, my name is Jin who is sister of Bob (from coffee shop).
    I heard about you from my brother, and just wanted to appreciate your kindness! thanks a lot! ^^

    • I posted it on the facebook page, but I will include it in the blog tonight. Yeah! Obviously there is a need for more hugs otherwise we wouldn’t have both been on TV!

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