Day 364 – Moments vs Memories

10 HUGS, 2 children, 7 adults (1 husband, 1 friend at Bulldog Express, 4 friends at The Little Gym, 1 employee at Walmart)

I totally got emotional today. I was driving the kids to karate and they were both sleeping in the back seat. I had mailed out the first round of checks to Harper’s mom and I found myself distracted by…nothing. Without distraction I had a moment to realize how close my year is to ending. It felt so bittersweet. I started thinking about how great it is that my year is going to end with a bang as my TV spot is airing on my final day. (It was switched from tomorrow to Thursday morning.) But really, all along it hasn’t been the big moments that have defined my year but a collection of all the small ones. I am grateful for the opportunity to get my message out by newspaper and TV and I enjoyed celebrating my milestones such as reaching 100 days. Looking back though those aren’t the memories that bring tears to my eyes. It’s these:

The time when I got lost and ended up hugging a handful of men sitting around in their small local business shooting the breeze.

The time I almost didn’t hug the big burly waste disposal employee because he had a fat cigar hanging out of his mouth only to find out he gives GREAT BIG bear hugs.

The many moments when skeptical people would turn to me and ask why I wanted to hug them only to replace their question with a smile when they realized it was out of pure kindness and love.

The email that I received from someone looking for advice on how to handle a particular hug situation that she felt was misunderstood. (I loved having someone look to me as an “expert” in the field.)

The umprompted twitter hugs from my friend clear across the globe.

Hearing “Hey, didn’t you hug some people at Bulldog Express? I was there that day.” while at the fundraiser. (Yes, that was me and I do it every time!)

Learning what an impact I made in someone’s life. One follower went from rarely ever hugging to hugging not only her family more, but her employees too. And, she wanted to share that with me.

Hearing on more than one occasion, “I really needed that today.” Or even, “That was the first hug I have had in a long time.”

These are the memories that I will cherish in my heart from this year. Grand moments are wonderful, they make my ego feel good, but they are fleeting. Small memories are what life is made of. Will my hugging end Thursday? No. Will my blogging end Thursday? No. But, this chapter of my life is ending on Thursday. I invite you to join me as I begin the new chapter and follow where it leads.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



4 thoughts on “Day 364 – Moments vs Memories

  1. I can’t believe I’m on this list! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! And I’m so sad that this year is ending.. but also immensely happy for you! I hug so much more because of you!

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