First Huggs!

Greetings from Apex NC.

Thank you for all the warm welcoming in Melindas previous post!

Im Sharon and thank you to Melinda for meeting me yesterday and let me experience “Her hug” Felt AMAZING!!! when we hug each other.

I like to invite you to read my short profile so I dont sound redundant here. Also I like to start to share how Melinda inspire me to start my hugging journy with people.

I saw her on TV one day, I start crying and I told my self. Wow! she is so amazing that she is hugging “strangers” and for me was “giving love in a different way”. We never know if the other people has something going on in her/his life that a hug will mean alot or make his/her day. Or perhaps, never being hugged!

Last week I met for the first time the doctor that find the 2nd disesase I have. He named the disease and He is doing alot to find the CURE among with the scientists. I talk to him for few minutes, I explained to Him that I am very thankfull for ALL his efforts and I start crying, Also becasue of Him we are taking a medicine that is on a trial. At the end of our conversation I told him, I just have one more question for you, Can I give you a HUG and this is not only from me it is from all my sisters in disease? He told me Oh my God!, This is the first time somebody ask me for a hug! …. Then we huged each other and I couldnt stop crying and telling thanking Him for saving our lifes. During a dinner the doctor mentioned that He was touch by one of us with a hug that He hasn’t be ask for one in this way and He will keep doing the impossible to find the cure! Can you guess who was crying???…, again…

Another great Hug story I like to share is about another sister in disease that Iast year was very sick, she received a double lung transplant and I was very scared that at some point I am going to be there. I only knew about her from her husband posting on Facebook. The lung transplant last more than 12 hours… I was so anxious that I start posting my prayers in her facebook page in Spanish. I told him, you might not understand what I am writing but this is what I can feel right now, in my primary language. Every hour I was pending about her. It was a long journey for recovery. The same weekend I met my doctor (the last hug story), I saw my sister in disease walking to the room and I turn to her and I just start crying and gave her a huge hug!!!! I told her I was so worry about her all the time and now that I saw her walking without oxigen and so happy it gave me HOPE that one day we all together will find the cure for our disease. she told me have a present for me and gave me a Hello Kitty LAMB. We hug againg and that was so AMAZING again!

uffff…..When i was telling Melinda my first Hug experiences yesterday, I was reviving those moments and we both cry! . I thing the hugs are an expression from the heart. Sometimes are good moments nad sometimes are sad moments but I will keep hugging people from now on!

Thanks Melinda for inspiring me to this journey! It is a relief for my soul, you are an angel from the heaven.

Nothing let stop you to give LOVE in any way you want to give it, I am choosing …with hugs because feels GREAT!!!

Hugs with LOVE to all of you!

Sharon Munoz


3 thoughts on “First Huggs!

  1. Sharon,

    Between you and Melinda, I am not going to be able to read these blogs at work anymore because I cry my makeup off. Your sharing is wonderful. You sound like a very religious, busy lady. I admire that in you. I will put you in my prayers now that a cure is found for you and your “sisters”. Have a wonderful day.


  2. sorry ladies, I am writting from my heart and most of the times I am sentimental.

    Hugs for both!

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