Freedom And Destiny

2 New Hugs (1 new church friend, 1 employee at PetSmart)

Yesterday I was very moved by the sermon our minister gave at church. He stood before us humbled by the outpouring of love he received on his 10th anniversary at our church. He confessed that he didn’t know why it was him that was standing before us sharing things that we all already know. He then joked about how it certainly wasn’t because he spoke like a preacher at home. I laughed but also began to tear up a little because that is exactly how I feel when I hear I have inspired you. There have been times when I felt like a fraud and hearing him joke about how he doesn’t ALWAYS talk like a preacher made me realize that I am not a fraud just because I don’t go around talking like I write. (could you imagine?) They are just different pieces of what make me who I am. When I told hubby how emotional I got at church he said to me, “Your preacher at this moment doesn’t inspire me. You at this moment are not particularly inspiring.” (thanks hubby.) He then went on to add that it is when we are in our element that we become inspiring to others. (ok, you are redeemed)

I have a quote on my bathroom mirror that says, “Life is a combination of freedom and destiny. The beauty is you don’t know which is which.” from the Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. This resonated with me because at the time I was trying to figure out who I was. I understood this quote to mean that even though certain events are destined to happen in my life, I have the freedom to choose how those events define me.

I love the fact that the me right now is inspiring others to realize their own potentials. I have heard and read your stories. I am humbled by those who want to follow in my steps. I have known from the moment I dreamed up the idea of my year of hugs that it was my destiny. More than a year later I choose to continue on the journey with joyous anticipation for what is to come.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


4 thoughts on “Freedom And Destiny

  1. Your husband is right. Your best contributions are “in the moment” and not planned. Keep interacting with people in a genuine and heartfelt manner and you will be making an awesome difference in Raleigh. Waiting for that day that I see you around town 🙂

  2. Melinda,
    I had to laugh as you talked about your minister. I remember one night standing outside my office at church when a couple of choir members walked by and not seeing me one dropped the F bomb. When she saw me standing there, she apologized profusely—-I laughed and said…don’t know what your apologizing about–I said the same word just a while ago in my car….it is my favorite word to use. She laughed—-what I realize is that in that moment of being real and honest—being comfortable with who i was—a minister who liked to drop the F bomb occasionally—-opened the door for me to be able to do some counseling with the woman who had just started going through divorce—in my moment of honest—I was given a gift of sharing a journey in her tale…..and for that I am thankful. Sometimes we are at our best….when we are not inspiring….but walking down the road comfortable enough to let others see who we are. have a great day…….as always…..thanks for your post.

    • Thank you for sharing that story Pam. I get so caught up in how I “should” be that I forget how to be. As refreshing as it is to see others at their most vulnerable, you would think it would be easier for me to understand how important it is for others to see me that way. I hope you know how much your friendship and support has meant to me throughout this journey. I just thought you should know. {{{HUG}}}

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