Free Hugs !!

Greetings from your new huggy friend Sharon.

March 10th of 2011 (my birthday) I was diagnosed with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis or LAM (and I was told back then it was a lung disease) and when I come back from my trip where I met the doctor who discovered, He told me and all the patients who attended to this meeting that it was small progressive cancer in the lungs. During this past week, I was trying to comprehend the severity of my 2nd disease and trying to pump it up myself and not to go down even that is NO cure yet!

Meeting with Melinda gave me the energy to keep going and if I feel down, i need to go out and do something or tell someone how i am feeling. This past Sunday, I had the chance to speak with one of our pastors. I ask Him for time to talk and He listened very patiently and told me, God never let go of you from His arms, He is always hugging you and I told Him that I already felt His presence! I suddenly start crying because this is another sign of the “hugs” is part of me and what I supposed to do. Thanks Melinda for be my angel in my journey call life!

At the end of our conversation, I ask my pastor if i can give him a hug and He told me I can not reject a hug from my God, because He is holding you in His arms. And buuuuuuuu…I start cryiiiiiiing again and we did not let go for few seconds.

After this Sunday, I felt that I should be one weekend out in the streets by any mall, or shopping plaza or anywhere with a sign that says ” FREE HUGS for the LAM FOUNDATION”    What do you think?  Who wants to join me?

With this anecdote, I let you go and hope I can meet all of you one day

Hugs from your new friend,

Sharon Munoz



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