A hug for Gratitud

For many years I have being at doctors offices, hospitals or clinics. Many years I was seen by these specialists who one day decided to take care of all their patients no matter what but others choose just to get in and out of the room. The real ones, choose the pathway to save lives.

Today, I met the most caring and wonderful neurologist! I felt like i didnt want to leave from there. He was awesome with his care. I couldnt resist To tell Him how amazed I was and i ask him if i can give him a hug because i was so thankfull of all he is doing for me. For the first time, i am being treated as a person, as a patient. He smile me back and accept my hug!! I was so happy!!

He ordered lab work and usually I get results if am lucky 2-3 weeks after many voice mails that I leave; with Him, i was in my way home from there and He call me with bad news and a plan already. How amazing He is??

I want to thank God for putting my doctor in my health way, for giving me this blog to express and make awarness of gratitud, and to give me the ability to hug the people who touch my life.

Hugs to all the people who read this blog.



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