NC Marriage Amendment

1 New Hug (1 Radiology Technician)

My heart is heavy with sadness for the rights that have been taken away from innocent people through the NC marriage amendment. I am trying to understand in what way God would find this type of judgement against other people ok. I understand that some of you may believe that marriage is defined by God as a union between one man and one woman. I respect your view. What I don’t understand is the lack of compassion toward others who may not believe the same as you.

My understanding is that God will make the ultimate judgment on everyone. What harm is coming to you in the meantime to have other people who believe differently than you have rights recognized by the government? These are not some nameless, faceless people looking to scam you out of anything. These are your neighbors, friends, perhaps even your Doctors whom you rely on with your life. In a world where all of us are just merely trying to survive, a little extra kindness towards those who are not like you wouldn’t hurt. In fact, maybe your own minds and hearts would open more fully if you allowed your need to be right not interfere with the way someone else is trying to live their life.

I am not angry, I am simply heart broken. I think I was especially hurt because of all of the kindness I have seen over the past year. I have however noticed that the county I live in was one of the few that actually voted against this amendment. I am hurt by North Carolina, but am grateful for the loving residents of my community here in Wake county.

On a side note, I had my ultrasound today. I will let you know the results when I get them. The technician seemed genuinely surprised and grateful for my hug today. *big sigh* Oh how I love that.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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