Honesty in my Town

Greetings dear reading bloggers;

I like to share something exceptional that very few found now a days, yes, I am talking about to be honesty!

This past weekend, i wen to a shopping market to buy my groceries and after surrending $100+ in coupons, I was so happy that I save a lot of money. My son was more than happy, he was jumping all over the parking lot and telling the people, we just save $117 with coupons!! 🙂 we just put all the recyclable bags in the back of the car, got in the car and went home.

In our way out to a friend’s house ( 30 minutes after we got home), I received a call in my cell phone and a lady ask for a lady with my full name (I have a first name, middle name and 2 last names). It is very weird that somebody ask for me like that, just banks and the IRS has my complete-full name. I said, yes, that is me, how can I help?. she said, another person (a lady) found your credit card at a shopping market and wants to returned to you. My hands where directly to my walet and find NO CREDIT CARD! I said: Oh God! Thank you for call me! She gave me the lady phone number, I call her, and gave me directions in how to get to her home. It was very close to my friend’s home.

In less than 5 minutes I was there, I met her husband and I was so thankfull that they returned the credit card. I ask how much I owe you? Can I do something for you? He said no, don’t worry! I told him: “You know what, you are a honest people and now a days is very hard to find one, thank you again!” and I ask Him if I can give him a hug? and He was surprised and at the same time He said yes, you are special to us too honey. So I gave him a hug and another one for his wife that was in bed. (He told me went to the grocery to the pharmacy for her meds because she wasn’t feeling well). I remind him, to call me if they need anything because I owe them one. He said sure I will ( I gave Him my full info)

With this blog, I want to express that I am very thankfull that we have in the world at least one honest people and is in the same town that I live. How many stories have you found like mine? How many people have you found in your live that are honest? Lets make this number bigger every day and part of your daily routine. Be honest with yourself, with your family, with your neighbor, with the stranger, with the homeless, with your soul!

Hugs for all of you!



4 thoughts on “Honesty in my Town

  1. love to hear stories like this. It was a blessing from God that an honest person found the card. Hugs to you,my friend

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