A Day Of Firsts

4 New Hugs (1 waste disposal worker, 1 gas station attendant, 2 kindergarten teachers at Partnership Elementary)

Well, even though my year is over…even though I spent an entire 365 days hugging people, today I had 2 firsts! Before I tell you about those though I want to share another story of hugs at the waste disposal site. There were 2 employees there that I hug regularly and one new employee. As I began my round of hugs I heard my cigar smoking friend say, “I love when this pretty girl stops by.” Aww… Who knew I would ever look forward to bringing my trash to the dump?

My bumper sticker (it has the website at the bottom of it)

While running errands I needed to stop and get gas. I drove up next to a man and woman talking with each other. As I got out of my truck, I realized the woman was the gas station attendant and she started walking around the back of my truck. She stopped and I watched as she began reading my bumper sticker. She then read it out loud and exclaimed, “Yes. 3 times!” What a great opportunity that was for me. “Can I make it 4?” She was the first person I hugged because of my bumper sticker. We then proceeded to talk about hugs and the people that we know. Another amazing connection made.

Then this evening hubby and I went to 5 yr old’s kindergarten orientation. (yes, kindergarten, please don’t make me talk about it anymore I think I am going to cry) I had a few questions for the teachers that hosted the orientation after it was over so hubby and I made our way over. After they finished answering the questions I leaned in for a hug from the first one without asking permission for the first time. *GASP* I know, right?! I should know better. She was kind of taken back and stammered, “oh, you are a hugger.” I said, “Yes, I am” and proceeded to hug the other teacher next (after asking permission). Hubby and I then headed outside where he began laughing at me. “Wow, I’ve never seen you do that before.” me: “What?” him: “Hug without asking.” more laughter. Well, at least he got a big kick out of it and I guarantee they won’t forget who I am. Welcome to kindergarten baby.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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