Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

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So, today started out pretty ordinary. You know, running late to get somewhere, screaming at the kids because of it. Pretty standard stuff. The plan was to bring a church friend to an appointment, visit with a friend, then head home. Yeah, that is exactly how it worked out. Only WAY better.

It was awesome getting to know my church friend better. That made for an incredibly enjoyable 30 minute ride to the appointment. Turns out my good friend was only about 10 minutes away so I spent a fantastic 25 minutes with her and her 1 year old baby. (Is there really anything more joyous than a 1 year old so full of awe and wonder?) I would have stayed longer but I wanted my boys to eat lunch before heading home otherwise it would have gotten late and hungry boys = cranky boys. We stopped at Wendy’s and rather than eating at the restaurant which would have caused our church friend’s lunch to get very cold before bringing it to her we agreed to eat it where she was. That way when she was ready to leave we would be ready for her with a nice hot lunch waiting. We pulled up to a parking spot right next to a grassy area where we proceeded to have an impromptu picnic. We sat in the grass, talked, laughed, hugged and in the midst of it all I paused to bathe in the glorious moment. It was so simple yet one of the best times I can remember having with my boys.

As our friend was ready to leave she offered me money for gas. I politely declined insisting that she gave me such a gift today already. That picnic would not have happened if it hadn’t been for her. Our perfectly ordinary day did not end when we dropped her off. We decided to enjoy a little time at the mall where the boys were so well behaved as we walked hand in hand in hand through the mall, playing at the play area, visiting the Lego store and the Disney store. All in all I think this may be one of my favorite days ever. It’s amazing how extraordinary ordinary can be.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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