Crossing Language Barriers

3 New Hugs (1 Veterinarian, 1 Vet Tech, 1 guy at the gas station)

How was my weekend you ask? Why, it was pretty amazing, thank you very much. My poor little Mabel (who we seem to have adopted by default) was spayed last Wednesday. That’s not the amazing part. Saturday morning she woke up crying so pitifully and having such a hard time getting around that I decided to bring her back to Brookwood Vet to get checked for infection. Again, not the amazing part. Her fever was a little high so I got some antibiotics for her and more pain medicine. Afterward I got to spend a few minutes talking with the Vet that helped Mabel. I never expected in my life to own a small dog and told her as much. She then shared the story of how she ended up with her own small dog. The loving way she spoke of how her dog was clearly previously misunderstood and not given credit for how smart she was was beautiful. She then shared the moment when her dog and her finally understood each other. She said it just clicked in a moment for both of them. The Vet finally recognized just how smart her dog was and the dog realized that her owner believed how smart she was. Tears creeped in to my eyes because I felt honored to hear such a private, special moment between a dog and its owner. I just couldn’t help myself I had to ask her for a hug. We hugged for an extended period of time and one of the Vet tech’s walked in and said, “Oh, is that one of your new hugs?” I laughed and said, “yes” as we explained together about my blog. Then, before I left the Vet tech’s son showed up so I was called back in for another new hug! My reason for being there was not one I would have chosen, but what a special way to start my weekend.

The next day the whole family was getting ready to see a friend who was only in town for the weekend (because of the WWE Pay Per View Event!). On our way to meet him we stopped to get gas. Sometimes these things don’t turn out quite as simple as they should. The pump I tried using was broken and before I could move to a different pump the employee explained I could stay where I was but use the pump on the other side. I just needed to stretch the pump around the machine. He helped me with it, but as I began pumping the gas a gentleman and his family appeared at the machine I was using. When he got out of his truck the attendant explained what I was doing and why I had his pump. He looked over and smiled at me. He then said in very broken english, “nice truck”. I thanked him and then he proceeded to say something else that I didn’t understand. I think I asked him to repeat himself 5 times and he patiently did. Finally I realized he was saying, “nice truck and nice girl”. I am still not positive but I think he was talking about me. I smiled warmly and thanked him. When I finally finished pumping my gas I thanked him again for his patience and asked him for a hug. He totally didn’t understand me, but fortunately body language is easier to understand than words. I gave him a big hug and walked away so thankful for the fact that hugging can cross language barriers.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



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