Excited Trepidation

4 New Hugs (1 employee at Eye Care Center, 2 family members of a friend, 1 employee at Pier 1)

Have you ever gotten something off your chest and just felt like, “Ahhhhhhhhhh”? Now imagine having that something for 25 years. I got it off my chest today on my new blog, Finding My Happy. I knew this day was coming. Even knowing made me feel so much lighter. Hence the 4 new hugs in 2 days.

What I never expected was the fear that followed. I lived my life with a demon lurking in the shadows and I am not sure how to live without it. Let me clarify. I am scared, yes. But, it’s an excited fear. I am feeling trepidation only because of the unknown, but the thought of living my life fully with nothing holding me back is exhilarating.

Look out world.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.



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