Off I Go

1 New Hug (1 Eye Care Associate)

I am off! Off on a 2 week vacation visiting family. Woo Hoo! Before leaving I snuck in one last new hug at the Eye Doctor’s. I picked up my fancy new glasses. (3rd pair since 2yr old was born. Yup, no coincidence.) The associate that helped me was so sweet. I just had to hug her. I swear hugging makes the simplest errands into something really special.

The hugging won’t stop in Connecticut, but writing about it will be limited until I return. Try not to miss me too much. In the meantime, I will have at least one guest post and a few stories to share with you that have already been written. I am going to attempt to schedule publishing the posts without me having to be on the computer (I don’t even know if I can do that yet). So, bear with me if it doesn’t work so well.

I feel like I am losing a limb knowing I won’t have daily access to a computer. Gah. *Deep Breath* I will be ok. Seriously, how did we live without the internet before?

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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