Sister Story

I love when people share their hug stories with me and I have finally begun remembering to ask them if I can share their stories with you! My next few posts will be these stories.

My older sister called me recently to tell me she went dumpster diving. (yes, she is as crazy as I am) A company near hers threw out a ton of hair care products because they were relocating and it would have cost too much to move the products. So, she, along with a few coworkers made their way over to the dumpster. She was the only one crazy enough to dive in, but they all walked away with a crazy amount of mousse, hair spray, hair masks… well, you get the idea. They went to dinner afterward (to celebrate I presume) where one of my sister’s coworkers surprised her out of the blue when she asked for a hug. Turns out this particular coworker never hugs, much less ask for one. This was confirmed by the other coworker with them. She just felt such gratitude that she felt compelled to hug her. Sometimes words just aren’t enough. I could hear the elation in my sister’s voice while she was sharing that story and I could feel how moved she was by that gesture.

Thank you Sis for sharing that fantastic story of hugs, courage and gratitude.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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