My Journey To Fame

Didn’t keep track of the number of new hugs. 2 weeks is a loooong time. Trust me, there were a LOT. šŸ™‚

What an amazing adventure I had during my vacation travels to CT. The most exciting thing to happen in regards to my hugs was another interview I had about my year. Hooplaha is a good news website that asked to do a 2 minute video on me. I had so much fun. Scott (from Hooplaha) and I went to a plaza where he had hoped to get video of me hugging lots of people. I explained that to do that I would need to ask people for hugs out of the blue and that wasn’t really my style. He warned me he might push me outside of my comfort zone. I am so glad he did. The number of hugs I got was incredible. Even if someone didn’t want to be on the video I still asked them for a hug and I only got 1 no, much to Scott’s delight. My favorite part of the whole day was watching Scott’s face go from all business to having a little bit of fun to pure excitement with each hug I got. I teased him that I converted him in to someone who will need to hug all the time. He admitted it was pretty addicting. By the time he dropped me off, he leaped out of the car determined to give me a great big bear hug before leaving. I can’t even begin to explain the elation I felt over the whole day and I swear none of it had to do with the fame that is guaranteed to come my way the more my story gets out.

So, today I hit one of my favorite hugging spots, Brookwood Vet. Two of the tech’s nieces were there today and I just assumed they knew about me so while petting an adorable little terrier that one of them was holding I stated, “I am the hugger.” Her response? A questioning smile. Her Aunt then said that she hadn’t shared my story with her yet. *sheepish grin* “Oh.” I barely even had time to be embarrassed when I heard a voice from behind the Aunt. “Is that the hugger??” After I confirmed that I was she shouts, “Oh, can I get a hug?” Oh. My. Goodness. Yes. Every time. Seriously, I am so grateful for my pets just for the excuse to go there.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


2 thoughts on “My Journey To Fame

  1. The voice behind the aunt was…my daughter!!! So today I got to share a really cool lady with 2 nieces and a daughter!!! We talked about you and your journey after you left…You really left an amazing impression on three young ladies!!! Thank you!!! BIG HUG!!!

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