Vacation After The Vacation

1 New Hug from a Walmart employee

Anyone else need a vacation after their vacation? This has been a trying few days. Not just for me but the kids as well. It’s so hard to get the strength and courage up to ask for hugs when I am like this. But you know what? They are the best thing for me. They have been exactly what I needed every time I was feeling my lowest. Between the sweet woman at Walmart, my friends at Brookwood Vet, my neighbor who stopped in for a surprise visit during a particularly rough moment, not to mention the other neighbors, my childhood friend and my friends at Smith’s Nursery who I haven’t seen in 3 weeks (3 WEEKS!) I was never really able to wallow in misery the way I kind of wanted to. You know, when you just get so low all you want to do is crawl in to a hole convinced that the world would be better without you. Instead a smile played across my face and I begrudgingly felt hope, joy and a sense of peace that came a little quicker and lasted a little longer with each hug.

I thank God for all of these friends, all of you and hugs. (oh, and 12 hours of sleep last night didn’t hurt…)

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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