Beautiful Moments Of Love

3 New Hugs (2 Home Depot employees, 1 new friend at the Waste Disposal Site)

I have been giddy over the new hugs I have gotten recently. They have really carried me through some difficult days with my kids. (I love them but they know how to drive me c.r.a.z.y.) One of my hugs came when I was delivering garbage to the dump. All I had was one large bag and a cardboard box. As I went to bring the box to the cardboard recycling area a young boy about 12 or 13 years old offered to take care of the bag for me. Awwwww… I said yes and thanked him. On my way back to the truck I walked up to him and asked for a hug. A huge, sheepish grin appeared on his face as he humbly accepted my hug.

The next two came when I stopped at Home Depot for the 2nd time in a week looking for a yard tool that they were supposed to get in but still didn’t have. (yup, that is a whole other story) One of the girls helping me was so sweet and bubbly. She couldn’t have been more than 20 or so and didn’t yet appear to have the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her joy was just plain contagious. You may not believe this, but I walked away from her without a hug. WHAT?! I know! I asked myself the same thing. No, really. I did, as I was walking away to pay for the few things I did get. Halfway across the store I felt like kicking myself so I did the only thing I could do to remedy the situation. I turned back around and made my way back to her. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her for a hug. She practically shrieked, “yes!” Then proceeded to tell me I just made her day. I let her know the feeling was mutual. Oh man, I was on a high.

At the check out counter the cashier was an older woman who did not appear to be having the best day. She wasn’t grumpy or anything just not happy. I tried making her smile which kind of worked so by the time I was ready to leave I knew I would be asking her for a hug. After I asked her, she stood in place with her eyes transfixed on my face. As tears began filling her eyes she said, “yes.” For the second time that day someone told me I had made their day. She followed that up with, “There should be more people like you in the world.” There we were both in happy tears knowing that this moment would resonate in our hearts forever.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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