Signs Are All Around

2 New Hugs, (1 employee of Smith’s Nursery, 1 employee of Fuquay Gold-N-Jewelry)

When I slow down enough there is so much more to life that I see. There are signs all around us pointing us exactly where we need to be. I mean look…

It doesn’t get much clearer than a pointing hand.

So, today I followed that direction. Well, actually I just went in the same direction I always go which coincided with the direction of the hand. Well, actually that hand is pretty high up in the sky and I could have chosen any direction and still justified that it was the direction the hand was pointing in. I digress.

I ended up  at Fuquay Gold-N-Jewelry where I sold some of my gold I haven’t worn in years. There is a cow(?) that dances out front every day regardless of how hot it is. I have wanted to hug him forever, so figured today was a perfect day. He ended up being on break when we were there but I am not one to ignore signs. Watch out Bobo, I am coming for you…







Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


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