Spreading Love

0 New Hugs *gasp* I KNOW!

My story was shared on HooplaHa today. They are a good news website. If you have every wanted a taste of what it is like when I am hugging, see my video here!

It came just in the nick of time. As I have mentioned, lately I have been finding excuses not to hug. It’s been too hot, I am too sweaty from being at the gym, the kids are acting up. Oh sure, I am still getting the occasional hug in here and there and still some from my friends, but not 365 days of hugging worth. It’s pretty amazing how justified you can feel with the excuses you come up with. But when it comes right down to it, they are just excuses. I read something recently that suggested replacing your excuses such as “It was too hot out”, “I didn’t have time” or “(insert your go to excuse here)” with “that was not a priority”. It’s amazing how shifting your words can shift your thoughts so drastically. Hugging has apparently not been a priority to me.

There is something else that I have read recently that basically said -oh heck, I don’t remember what it said- but basically it reminded you that life is about practicing the things that you want out of your life. I have not been practicing my hugging. Without practice my priority shifted. In turn I find myself to be not as happy, more easily agitated and not as quick to smile.

This video came just in time. Thank goodness for my own reminder to shift my priorities back to where they make me happiest. And hugs make me happiest.

Please accept this blog as my virtual hug to you.


4 thoughts on “Spreading Love

  1. Thank you so much! You have reminded me that we all need to poke our heads out of our own shells, look around and make the world a better place. You certainly have and now I would like to try this as well.

  2. I saw your video just now, and had to leave you a comment. Bravo to you for doing something that I know helps brighten people’s day. I am the “Coordinator of Active Older Adults” at my YMCA in Chesapeake, Virginia. My job is to make the older members happy. I plan trips, lunches, speakers and give hugs. The hug part has made me so much happier personally that I don’t feel like I’m working. I enjoy every day. The hugs are a bonus, and so many people come to me for a hug. You really were onto something with your year of hugs. One reason I retired from teaching was that they kept saying not to touch/hug the kids. I stopped enjoying my work when that happened. My son works at Wells Fargo in Cary. If you ever want a great hugging place start at a bank. Their workers are very stressed. Don’t give up your hugging mission. You are an inspiration.

    • Thank you for sharing your story Lorrie! I bet you are a favorite at the YMCĂ…! (Hugs will do that you know.) I have heard so many stories about teachers being told not to hug and it hurts my heart. I am glad you have adopted the hug policy in your job, don’t ever stop because you will never know how much that means to those whose lives you are touching. {HUG}

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